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HR Transformation and Engagement Team

Our ambition is to provide an efficient responsive service to managers and employees. We strive to continually improve and make processes simpler. The HR Transformation and Engagement team is comprised of three teams: 

People Operations 

HR Compliance and Audit  

HR Transformation 

Key Contact: 

Yvonne Doyle – HR Transformation & Engagement Manager, DoyleY@northlan.gov.uk  07939 280556

People Operations

The People Operations Team are responsible for the day-to-day operational HR transactional activity across the employee life cycle and ensure the process is seamless for the employee and manager. We work closely with all relevant stakeholders and work to increase customer engagement and feedback that in turn will drive improved performance. We process changes relating to work pattern changes, position transfers, hours changes, salary changes, leave, allowances, overtime processing, higher duties, and personal files. We also work closely with HR Compliance & Audit Team to ensure we are processing information accurately and conforming with internal and external audit processes. We also work in partnership with the HR Transformation Team to ensure new procedures and changes to working practices are embedded in the People Operations Teams and errors are minimised. 

Key Contacts: 

Caroline Weldon – People Operations Team Lead, WeldonC@northlan.gov.uk  07583115845

Gillian Taylor – Senior People Operations Advisor, TaylorGi@northlan.gov.uk 07811300940

Victoria Keeney – Senior People Operations Advisor, KeeneyV@northlan.gov.uk 07583115827

Carol Hendry – Senior People Operations Advisor, HendryCa@northlan.gov.uk 07811301062 

Margaret McNeil – Senior People Operations Advisor, McNeillM@northlan.gov.uk 07811302317

People Operations Advisor – Alison Davis, Gillian Deakin, Betty Dunlop, Lynne Hannah, Lorraine Kyle, Nicola McHolm, Kirsty Murray, Lewis Nailen, Rebecca O’Neill, Kieran Paterson, Linda Ryan, Carol Scullion, Kimberly Smith, Natasha Tobin, Michelle Watt, Jenna Watt, Anne Weir, Shona Weir.

Email us at People Operations 

HR Compliance & Audit  

The HR Compliance and Audit team are responsible for ensuring that all HR processes are compliant with audit requirements and reviewed on a continuous basis. We will also work closely with the process reengineering team, to ensure new processes and enhancements to existing processes meet the required standards and ensure there is compliance with legislative and council requirements. Working in partnership with POD team and services we will undertake and respond to audit reports for continuous improvement. We are responsible for the administration of the Document Management System, buy & bank leave scheme and cycle to work scheme. We are also responsible for the co-ordination of responses in relation to FOI and SAR requests. 

Key Contacts:   

Shona Shirkie – Team Lead – HR Compliance and Audit, ShirkieS@northlan.gov.uk 07583115843 

Louise McNally – Senior Advisor – HR Compliance and Audit, McNallyL@northlan.gov.uk

Kristen Lowrie – Senior Advisor – HR Compliance and Audit, LowrieK@northlan.gov.uk 07811301318

Louise Quigley – Senior Advisor – HR Compliance and Audit, QuigleyL@northlan.gov.uk 07811301190

Email us at HR Compliance & Audit 

HR Transformation 

The HR Transformation comprises of three teams: 

People Helpdesk 

Workforce Engagement and Website Administration  

Process Reengineering  

Key Contact – Janet Jones – Team Lead – HR Transformation, JonesJa@northlan.gov.uk 07583115822

People Helpdesk

The helpdesk team provide high quality first-point of contact HR and Payroll advice and guidance to employees and managers across the services in NLC. We provide this support both via telephone and email.  

In addition to responding to enquiries, we also carry out task such as processing Disclosure Scotland applications, Abatement Calculations, Leave Calculation and Jury Citations. 

Key Contact: 

Emma Waterson -People Helpdesk Senior Advisor, WatersonE@northlan.gov.uk

People Helpdesk Advisor – Tracy Donaldson, Robyn Oates and Laura Reid.

Email us at People Helpdesk 

If you are unhappy with the response or level of service received from the People Helpdesk, please email Yvonne Doyle, doyley@northlan.gov.uk with the email subject: Helpdesk Escalation.

Please include any correspondence between yourself and the People Helpdesk team.

Workforce Engagement and Website Administration

Our team is responsible for issue communications to all staff in NLC related to HR updates. We also support the roll out of change initiatives related to HR processes through providing guidance and training to managers and employees to allow them to embrace new ways of working. We also manage the myNL website to ensure the content on the website provides up to date, accurate information for all users.  

We provide training materials and deliver training on mySelf and myTeam, if you would like to arrange a session, please contact us by email. If you would like to organise a myNL awareness session for your teams, please contact us by email.  

Key Contacts: 

Alana Chalmers -Senior Workforce Engagement and Website Administration Advisor, ChalmersAla@northlan.gov.uk 07790847659

Murray Hargrave – Senior Workforce Engagement and Website Administration Advisor, HargraveM@northlan.gov.uk  07811290254  

Workforce Engagement & Wesbite Advisor – Hollie Dorman.

Email us at Workforce Engagement 

For myNL queries or suggestions please contact: mynl@northlan.gov.uk 

Process Reengineering 

The Process Reengineering Team work to drive through digital change in HR processes. We work closely with key stakeholders in the organisation and our Systems Development Team to develop and improve existing processes to support the move to more digital ways of working. We facilitate regularly focus groups to seek feedback from the workforce in relation to HR processes. We also work closely with the Workforce Engagement and Website Administration team to ensure the workforce has the right guidance and training to ensure new processes are rolled out successfully.  

Key Contacts: 

Senior Process Reengineering Advisor Adriana Rybarczyk, RybarczykA@northlan.gov.uk 07790846148 

Process Reengineering Advisor – Louise McNally and Kirsty Moffat.

Email us at Process Reengineering

Updated on 10th May 2022