Work Experience Placements

Work experience offers young people the opportunity to explore and prepare for the world of work.  We want to make sure that this experience is as meaningful as possible, that everyone who participates is able to gain valuable employability skills, and there are no activities that put our young people at risk of injury or harm.

We are keen to make sure that all young people participating in work experience placements or insights days within in our teams feel welcomed and that we are prepared and ready for their arrival.

It is important that they start to understand how we work, get to know the team they are working with, and that we apply our health and safety policies and procedures where relevant.

See below for a number of documents to help you get your young person off to a great start.

For ID badge requests, each service will have an identified contact. Your manager should be able to advise.

If you’ve arrived at this page and are looking for more information on work experience placements within the Council please contact

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