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Additional Payments

Contractual Additional Payments – Non Teaching

Contractual Overtime

If you are required to work contractual overtime as a condition of your employment, you will be paid this at the appropriate rate.

Non-Core Hours

Where five or more hours are worked as part of the normal week, or averaged week, out with the core hours, a 15% enhancement on the hourly rate will be paid for all hours out with core hours.

The 15% enhancement on the hourly rate will not be paid to employees whose contract of employment requires them to work exclusively on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Night Shift Working

Time and a third of the hourly rate for each hour worked on recognised night shifts between 10.00 pm and 7.00 am

Employees have an entitlement to one enhancement only and cannot receive an enhancement on an already enhanced rate.

Public Holidays

Employees will receive appropriate payment for working shifts on public holidays and weekends when the working pattern merits such payments.  Entitlement to be determined by your pattern of hours.

For further information see schedule A here.

Updated on 21st August 2019

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