Employees required to physically attend work

Where an employee’s role requires them to physically attend work, managers must ensure a safe return to the workplace and that employees understand what rules and procedures they must follow when they are in work. 

Managers should discuss return to work arrangements with employees on an individual basis to understand their specific needs.

Employees may require some flexibility around start and finish times and further detail on this can be found in working hours/patterns.

Employees may be required to attend a different work location and the rationale behind this should be fully discussed with the employee and managers must take into account how the employee will travel to and from this new location.

Employees may feel anxious about returning to the workplace and therefore it is essential that the employee is assured that all appropriate measures have been put in place to facilitate their return to work. Further information on how to support an employee who is feeling anxious is contained in supporting employees mental health.  There are a number of other considerations that a manager should take into account before an employee returns to the workplace and these are noted in the other articles available here.

Updated on 7th August 2020

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