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GDPR – Information Management

We aim to help employees make the best use of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) systems and facilities.

The use of ICT can bring significant benefits to our activities and delivery of services. However, it can also introduce significant types of risk to our operations.

The aim of this policy is to provide a safe framework for using ICT without exposing the council or our employees to the risks which can come with its use.

This policy has been developed to:-

  • Ensure acceptable use of ICT by all users.
  • Establish the parameters of appropriate use and best practice.
  • Protect the council and users from potential legal liabilities.
  • Explain the consequences of breaching acceptable use.

View the Conduct Issues FAQ for more information on this topic.

The Acceptable Use of IT policy can be viewed here.

NLC Announcement on use of ICT facilities
Size: 76.94 kb
Date modified: 26-04-2019
ESC - Privacy Notice
Size: 255.00 kb
Date modified: 05-02-2021

Updated on 12th February 2024

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