Managing Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships play an important role in our Council, providing people with a route in to a challenging and rewarding career with us.  Encouraging talent from all backgrounds is important to us and Apprenticeships are a great way to equip people with the qualifications and skills they need to succeed, whilst doing work in our services that really matters.

Modern Apprenticeships (MA) are for individuals who are aged 16-24 (or aged 16-29 if they have experienced care, have a disability or learning difficulties) and are not in full time education or employment.

Graduate Apprenticeships (GA) are open to existing employees who may wish to purse this route for career development, and we also advertise some GA posts externally throughout the year to support growth in key sectors.

Foundation Apprenticeships (FA) are aimed at those learners still at school (S5&6) and looking to gain real experience of the world of work. There are a variety of Foundation Apprenticeships currently running within North Lanarkshire schools, Apprenticeship Scotland – become an FA where as an employer you’ll get early access to future talent and Apprenticeship Scotland – FAs for Employers providing school pupils with work experience helping them to achieve an industry-recognised qualification and helps you to develop your talent pipeline.

All of our opportunities should fit with service workforce planning and demands, and importantly we strive to ensure that all apprentices have a meaningful and worthwhile experience.  Our apprenticeships aim to offer individuals the opportunity to develop professional and technical skills and knowledge whilst building confidence and practical experience to achieve short and long-term career goals.

Our Early Careers team are here to make sure that as a Council we achieve these aims and are responsible for ensuring that our programmes and approaches meet our needs, are innovative and make us stand out as an employer of choice. If you would like to explore apprenticeships further please contact us at below are some resources that you will find helpful.

Managers Guide to Modern Apprentices

Graduate Apprenticeship Information Booklet

Young Persons Guide to Modern Apprenticeships

Click here to complete the form to let us know if you’re thinking about taking on a Modern/Graduate Apprentice

Managing New Starts

Supporting Attendance

More Information on the Councils website

Your Modern Apprenticeship

Placement Buddy Guide

Updated on 9th January 2023

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