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Pay Deadlines

Please be aware that due to iTrent/Myself being unavailable on Friday 26th August and a BACS payment holiday on Monday 29th August, we require to move the deadlines for the following payrolls in order to ensure salary payments are made on time:

Payrun 16 (Week 22) Fortnightly paid Staff

Pay DateOriginal Deadline DateAmended date
1st September 2022Monday 22nd August 2022Sunday 21st August 2022 6pm

Payrun 11 (Month 6) Supply Teachers

Pay DateOriginal Deadline DateAmended date
9th September 2022Friday 26th August 2022Monday 29th August 2022

On this page you will find the pay schedules, including iTrent open and close dates for the 2022-2023 period. Information on service deadlines are also available.

If you are looking for deadlines to submit information to the Employee Service Centre you should refer to document entitled “ Service Payrun Deadlines”

If you are looking for deadlines for claims submitted through myself you should refer to Payrun Deadlines for myself/myTeam      

Service Payrun Deadlines 2022-2023
Size: 183.11 kb
Date modified: 12-07-2022
Payrun Deadlines for Myself & MyTeam Submissions 2022-2023
Size: 157.16 kb
Date modified: 12-07-2022
Updated on 9th August 2022

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