Redeployment Policy

How we will assist you when in a redeployment situation

The Workforce Change policy aims to assist employees who are in a redeployment situation. Through this policy, we will, as far as is reasonably practicable, retain employees in employment by seeking suitable alternative employment.

The circumstances in which it may be considered include:

  • Ill-health
  • Disability
  • Job sharing (where no partner can be found, or where there is no alternative operational solution)
  • Disclosure Check
  • Capability grounds
  • Redundancy

This list is not exhaustive.

Further details on ill health refer to the policy and guidance on Managing Attendance.

Redeployment Process

Redeployment is necessary to ensure that those employees who are displaced from their current role due to workforce changes, ill health or some other substantial reason are given an opportunity to remain in employment with the Council.  In order for redeployment to be successful, it is important that all parties involved fully participate in the process and objectively consider the matching of individuals to posts that are deemed to be suitable alternative employment. 

The Council has a commitment to redeploy employees into meaningful employment and to explore and exhaust all options available to the employee. The council will make every effort to redeploy staff into suitable alternative vacancies and every attempt will be made to match the existing terms and conditions of service as far as reasonably practicable.

Further information, guidance and forms are available below.

Redeployment Co-ordinators

Louise McNally is the Council’s Redeployment Co-ordinator and will co-ordinate and manage the redeployment process for all employees, ensuring they are well supported through the process, understand the requirements and expectations, and work with them to secure suitable alternative employment in line with the workforce change policy.

Working with HR Business Partners and Employee Relations, Louise will ensure posts are held for redeployment as appropriate and that redeployees are given priority access to the roles.

Our redeployment co-ordinator will also build relationships with managers to confirm that they understand the process and to ensure redeployees are given fair opportunities for roles within the services and positively promote redeployment within the council as part of the Workforce for the Future agenda.

Contact Details

Any correspondence or queries relevant to the redeployment process should be directed to:

Workforce Change Policy Updated April 2024
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Redeployment Process - Internal Guidance
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Employee's Profile Guidance
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Manager's Profile Guidance
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Redeployment Profile Form - NLC4 and below
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Redeployment Profile Form - NLC4 and below
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Redeployment Profile Form - NLC5 and above
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Informal Interview Proforma
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Redeployment Work Trial Plan
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Updated on 20th June 2023

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