Stress at Work

We recognise the importance of tackling the issue of stress at work, including dealing with the causes and the effect these can have on the health of employees.

Stress and mental health issues contribute to a large number of absence issues in the council and can lead to longer term illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Opening up conversations about stress between a manager and their employees is really helpful to show support for their wellbeing and encourage employees to consider raising any concerns early on.

Section 21 of our Health and Safety Policy deals exclusively with occupational stress and outlines how we can tackle this together.

For more information, please click on the links below and visit the workwellNL pages that has really helpful information to support mental wellness.

A separate Stress Risk Assessment for Teaching staff in Education & Families is also available below. This assessment should still be carried out in conjunction with the Councils Health & Safety Policy

NEW - Manager Guidance IWRSA January 2021
Size: 28.18 kb
Date modified: 04-02-2021
NEW - Individual Work Related Stress Assessment - January 2021
Size: 32.98 kb
Date modified: 04-02-2021
NEW - Employee Self Assessment - January 2021
Size: 30.21 kb
Date modified: 04-02-2021
Size: 31.39 kb
Date modified: 20-04-2021
Updated on 13th July 2021

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