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Student Opportunities Framework

North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) are committed to attracting, retaining and developing a workforce for the future, recognising the challenges in workforce demographics, skills gaps and hard to fill roles. Student opportunities allow students to gain valuable work experience in a large public sector organisation and help NLC build employer brand loyalty across roles and services.

Students are a valuable part of the NLC workforce and student placements are already well established in areas such as health and social care and protective services. NLC is keen to increase the scope and range of student opportunities across job roles, job families and services to enhance awareness of public sector opportunities.

Opportunities for students whilst they are still studying or soon after graduation provide them with invaluable experience in a workplace environment, linking real work activity and practice to the theory of their qualification. It can also help them to understand the challenges facing public sector organisations and gives them the ability to explore the different roles and careers the council can offer. In some cases, student opportunities can continue throughout their studies, with options to build continuous service and pension contributions whilst they finish their further or higher education course.

Offering various opportunities for students allows NLC to build loyalty to the council which can enhance recruitment candidate pools for hard to fill and growth roles. It can also enable increased student employability within its local communities, supporting school, college and university graduates to secure employment quickly and retaining them within the North Lanarkshire communities.

See below for the Student Opportunities Framework

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Updated on 30th November 2022

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