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What if I am in the extremely high risk (shielding) category?

From 1 August, the Scottish Government are advising people who have been shielding that they currently no longer need to do so. This means that in general, people who have been shielding can now follow the same advice as everyone else in Scotland and can return to the workplace if required to do so.

Your manager will use the same protocol for your return to work as that of higher risk (clinically Vulnerable) employees. But will also complete an individual risk assessment for you to ensure that appropriate health and safety measures are in place to allow you to return.

Your manager will also ask you to complete a COVID Age assessment prior to discussing your return to work with you, which will help your manager identify the level of risk you would be at, should you contact COVID 19. Your manager will assess the information on the assessment form and use it to inform your individual risk assessment.

Not all shielding employees will feel able to return to work due to the nature of their condition and the inability to apply necessary health and safety measures.  If this applies to you, your manager will seek advice from Employee Relations and discuss with you.

NHS Lanarkshire shielding leaflet
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Updated on 4th September 2020

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