What’s it all about?

The Employee Equality Forum is about all NLC employees. We live in a world where our communities and workplaces are diverse – different people very often have different needs.  As an employer we sometimes don’t understand those different needs and that is why we need a mechanism to check things out.

So, for example, if we are developing a policy or a new way of working we will firstly speak with the Forum before introducing it to see how different people will be affected.  We can then adapt the policy or way of working as appropriate. It will  give the Council a way to engage with employees on a broad range of issues related to diversity and equality.

We also want employees to have opportunities to reach people who share personal characteristics and to make connections. Before developing the EEF we had 2 employee fora for Black and Minority Ethnic  and disabled employees.  This new forum will provide for all employees.

If you want to contact the forum for whatever reason please email employeeequalityforum@northlan.gov.uk.

Updated on 28th April 2023

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