Whistleblowing for CLNL

In the course of your employment or carrying out work for CLNL you may become aware of serious wrongdoing or you may have information regarding malpractice. The disclosure of such matters is clearly in the public interest and also in the Company’s interest and this procedure outlines the steps you should take to bring serious situations to the Company’s attention.

This procedure outlines:-

  • what sort of concerns may be reported;
  • the employees and workers covered by this procedure;
  • the nominated individuals in the Company who can be contacted regarding your concerns;
  • the appropriate steps to be taken to report serious wrongdoing or malpractice;
  • how a matter may be raised in confidence when that is appropriate;
  • the rights of employees who are the subject of disclosures; and the protection which is available to an employee who acts honestly, with reason and in good faith.
NLL Policy on Public Interest Disclosures
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Date modified: 23-02-2021
Updated on 24th February 2021

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