Agile Worker – Site Based

Agile Workers – Site Based are staff who have a permanent NLC location as their base and often start and end their day at this base. This base will have a range of facilities appropriate to their role which might include desk and meeting room space, welfare facilities such as toilets and kitchen and seating areas. It may also be a location where staff see clients or where members of the public come to access services.

Alongside this, Agile Workers -Site Based have the ability to utilise other NLC locations to undertake their role – this might include other service bases, office buildings, schools and hub and community buildings. They may also work in clients homes, within vehicles or from depots.

Dependent on their role, they may have some flexibility on how they work OR where they work may be determined by the role they are doing that day or each day.

For some in this category, there may be an opportunity to work from home occasionally and where this is the case, they will require to follow the guidance set out around home working. Click here for more information.

In the below attachment, there is a summary of the key elements and benefits of Agile Workers-Site Based.

If you would like more information about your Agile Worker – Site Based categorisation, see the FAQ’S pages here.

For further information, please visit our Agile Worker FAQ page.

Agile Worker - Site Based
Updated on 3rd March 2022

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