Council Incident Reporting and Information System (CIRIS)

The Council Incident Reporting and Information System (CIRIS) is designed to help the Council record health and safety incidents, and to meet its statutory duty to report certain incidents to the Health and Safety Executive.

We all play a part in protecting the health and safety of ourselves and others in the workplace. Reporting health and safety incidents can help:

  • identify areas where health and safety management can be improved
  • improve the way services are delivered
  • ensure everyone has the information they need to stay safe at work  

If you are unfamiliar with CIRIS, a user manual is available to download below.

If you are not a CIRIS user and require access, or you if you are a user with a CIRIS query, you should contact the Occupational Safety and Wellbeing Team by email at

Environmental Services have quality assurance processes and work procedures relating to the use of CIRIS for RES employees which can be found at RES Health and Safety Quality Assurance

Other useful information:

Updated on 9th August 2023

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