Find out how our Discipline Policy can help both managers and staff improve working practices, conduct and productivity.

Teachers & Associated Professionals discipline information can be found here.

We all recognise the importance of having standards of conduct and performance for everyone – these help ensure that we all have a safe and effective working environment and that we are all working together to provide the best service possible.

The purpose of our discipline policy, therefore, is to ensure that when rules are broken or things go wrong that every employee will be treated fairly and that the decisions we make will be consistent regardless of where you work.

View the Conduct Issues FAQ for more information on this topic.

Click on the links below to view the policy.

Discipline Policy
Version: 2.0 - 28-02-2019
Size: 634.79 kb
Date modified: 13-09-2019
Discipline Policy Guidance Note
Version: 2.0 - 28-02-2019
Size: 1.21 mb
Date modified: 19-11-2019
Updated on 1st March 2023

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