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Introducing North Lanarkshire Council’s new Recruitment process and the online experience of Onboarding.  Onboarding is the action of integrating a new employee into our organisation.  This will allow new employees to complete an initial new hire process electronically and submit documentation for them to receive their contract and pay. 

This new application on iTrent, will make significant improvements to the current processes for Managers and Applicants.  Some of the main features are listed below:

  • Recruitment processes and on-boarding will be delivered through iTrent
  • No need to download and email forms as iTrent Recruitment processes are automated and follow a structured process
  • Managers will have a dynamic dashboard that will allow them to view any stage of the recruitment process in Real Time
  • Managers will complete shortlisting on iTrent and will have the autonomy to arrange their own interviews at a time that is convenient to them.
  • Applicants will complete their on-boarding through iTrent and be issued with their contract electronically.

Please see LearnNL for further guidance and materials to assist you with the new process.

Video Guidance for each step of the process can be found here.

As part of our preparations, the ESC has reached out to Managers within the services to demonstrate how this will improve the recruitment process going forward.  The module has been extremely well received and Managers see this as a real positive. 

A recent pilot was undertaken with a few services, and this has been progressing well with excellent Manager feedback received.

The Workforce Resourcing team who deal with all your recruitment needs will be on hand to support and contact details are noted below.  Please feel free to get in touch at any stage in the process. Click here for team details.

NLC - Shortlisting Proforma v1
Size: 10.38 kb
Date modified: 22-04-2024
Applying for a Job with North Lanarkshire Council
Size: 822.32 kb
Date modified: 28-02-2023
Itrent Recruitment FAQs
Size: 296.97 kb
Date modified: 23-03-2023
iTrent Recruitment - External Applicant Guide
Size: 571.77 kb
Date modified: 03-03-2023
iTrent Recruitment - Internal Applicant Guide
Size: 509.83 kb
Date modified: 03-03-2023
Selecting or Amending an Interview Slot
Size: 138.78 kb
Date modified: 28-02-2023
Itrent Recruitment - Manager's Guidance v8
Size: 2.46 mb
Date modified: 29-05-2024
Request to Recruit Process
Size: 43.24 kb
Date modified: 28-02-2023
Resubmitting a Rejected Request to Recruit v2
Size: 184.26 kb
Date modified: 20-02-2024
Additional Recruitment Request Form
Size: 173.56 kb
Date modified: 25-10-2023
Updated on 24th April 2024

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