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Learning & Development

We are committed to developing your potential.

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Effective employee learning and development can make a significant contribution towards:

  • improving the quality and standard of services it delivers
  • meeting the challenges of change and adaptation
  • achieving the organisation’s corporate and service objectives
  • meeting the needs of individual employees

The Learning and Development Policy has been developed to ensure that we have the skills to meet our corporate priorities.

The policy applies to all employees, excluding teachers, for whom separate arrangements exist.

Executive Directors are required to take account of the learning and development needs of their employees when preparing Service Plans, undertaking service reviews and implementing service improvements and budget realignment.

We are committed to making available appropriate learning and development resources to equip employees with the necessary aptitude, skills, knowledge and qualifications to effectively perform the duties and responsibilities of their posts.

Such resources will also incorporate opportunities for employees to develop their flexibility and potential for any future employment opportunities.

View the Learning & Development FAQ for more information on this topic.

Learning and Development Policy
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Date modified: 13-09-2019
Updated on 16th August 2023

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