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Understanding Your Pay

Understanding what you get paid and what the deductions are can be complex and confusing and we hope the information below will make understanding your pay easier.

The documents below describe how your pay is calculated, how universal credit works and what happens if you have a cash preservation.

For information on starting, stopping or amending a rent deduction from your pay/wages, please see the guidance below.

For information on overpayments, pensions and other pay related elements see the other sections within the My Pay pages.

Gross to Net Calculations
Version: 1.0
Size: 209.92 kb
Date modified: 08-07-2019
Universal Credit
Size: 84.95 kb
Date modified: 24-06-2019
Cash Preservation
Size: 270.16 kb
Date modified: 17-06-2019
Rent from Wages - Request Form
Size: 151.34 kb
Date modified: 21-10-2019
Rent from Wages - Amendment Form
Size: 1.02 mb
Date modified: 21-10-2019
Income Tax Implications - Week 56 payments
Version: 1.0 03-03-2022
Size: 154.98 kb
Date modified: 07-09-2022
Updated on 18th April 2024

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