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New Occupational Health portal – Health Hub

Managers requiring to make a referral to occupational health will need to be registered on the new occupational health portal – Health Hub.

Health Hub brings all case referral information together in one place, it provides quicker access to Occupational Health referrals and questionnaires, an improved appointment booking processes, clearer case tracking and faster reporting.

If you were already registered on the previous OH portal and had used this within the last 12 months you should have received an automated email confirming that your profile has been created on Health Hub and instructions on how to activate your account, including your user name and temporary password.

Once your Health Hub account is activated, you will be able to login at any time to view your occupational health account and submit new requests. Health Hub will automatically send you notification emails to inform you that an action is required of you, or that there is an update available for your case.

What about my previous referrals made on the existing HML Online platform?

Any referrals previously made on the existing platform with remain on HML Online and will not transfer across to Health Hub.  You should continue to manage existing cases through to a conclusion on HML Online.

Once you have received your Health Hub activation email above, you will no longer be able to request new services from the HML Online platform.

For your convenience, your existing HML Online portal account will remain open for a period of 3 months to allow you to view or download any historic documents.

How to register on HealthHub

If you did not receive an automated email advising that an account has been created, you will need to email the People Helpdesk at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk and provide your Name, Employee Number and Job Title.  The People Helpdesk will then create an account for you and once this is done you will receive an email asking you to complete your registration.

Help & support

HealthHub Management Referral Demonstration

This video will guide you through the referral process for a standard occupational health assessment, this confirms how to rebook appointments and viewing outcome documents.

HealthHub New Starter Questionnaire Demonstration

This video will guide you through sending out a new starter questionnaire to an individual employee and how to view the outcome document.

A number of “How to Guides” are available below as well as a set of FAQ’s that should help answer any queries you may have. The FAQ’s are also available directly in HealthHub.

When to make an Occupational Health Referral

Managers may need to request that an employee be assessed by the Occupational Health Service, so that appropriate medical advice can be given to both the Manager and the employee.

Guidance on how to make a referral and what information to provide is available below.

There are a number of occasions when North Lanarkshire Council could benefit from referring an employee to occupational health for a medical opinion. The typical events that trigger a referral include:

  1. An employee has been, or is likely to be, off sick for longer than 4 weeks or where there is no foreseeable return-to-work date.
  2. An employee has frequent incidences of short-term absence with one or more reported illnesses.
  3. An employee has had an accident at work and an accurate clinical record of their injuries is required, including RIDDOR incidents.
  4. A manager believes that an employee’s health is being affected adversely by his work (e.g. stress, upper limb disorders or back pain).
  5. An employee is about to be transferred to another job or is about to be promoted and a medical assessment is required.
  6. An employee’s performance at work may be compromised because of ill health.
  7. An employee is diagnosed with a critical illness such as psychiatric ill health, cancer or heart disease.
  8. An employee is thought to be suffering from alcohol, drug or substance misuse.
  9. An employee has notified you that they are concerned about their own ill health, particularly if they believe their health is being affected by work.
  10. Advice is required on rehabilitation programmes for sick or disabled employees.
  11. You require a report regarding an employee’s fitness to attend a disciplinary or grievance hearing.

Occupational Health report

Following the occupational health assessment you will receive a report giving clear advice, which will cover:

  • Fitness to work
  • Restrictions or adaptations on employment
  • Prognosis on returning to work
  • Implications of the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Appropriate attendance or capability targets
  • Likelihood of further absences

Click here for a link to Health Management Ltd Portal

Visit the Occupational Health FAQ for more information.

Occupational health video consultations

With effect from Monday 10 August employees that are triaged as requiring to be assessed by an Occupational Health Physician will be offered a Video Consultation using Microsoft Teams. If an employee is unable to participate in a video call the default position will be a telephone call. However a face to face appointment may be considered for more complex cases.

Managers should try to ensure that the employees email address is included in the referral form to allow HML to send them details of their appointment along with guidance on how to use Microsoft Teams. If the employees email address is not provided the information will be emailed to the referring manager and they will need to forward this on to the employee.

A guide to the Video Consultation process can be found here.

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How to Request a Questionnaire - HH (Manager)
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How to access case outcomes - HH (Manager)
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Updated on 11th June 2021

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