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Out with the old network drives and in with O365

Now that most of us have migrated over to M365, you will know the way we store information has changed.  All new business information created should now be stored in the appropriate corporate file plan area within Teams/SharePoint and personal business-related information should be stored in One Drive for Business.

Over the past few months, you should have been working to migrate information to Office 365 from your network file shares e.g. H and I Drives.  Over the next two months we will be working to decommission these drives so when this work is complete any information on these drives will no longer be available.

Although this process may seem daunting, you are not alone. We have identified service leads (link to the list) within your area of work and developed guidance (link to the guidance) to support you through this process.  There is also a series of eLearning available through LearnNL.

Reviewing and removing your old files may take time, but once you have done this you will be able to work more efficiently, and retention will automatically be applied within O365.

This task should be carried out as a priority and progress will be monitored and reported.

Updated on 4th May 2022

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