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North Lanarkshire Council has a duty to recover any overpayment that has been made to an employee in error. This would normally be recovered over the same period in which the overpayment has occurred (where possible).

If this is not possible, payroll will provide a breakdown of the overpayment to the HR Operations Team who will write out to the employee providing as much information as possible and suggesting a repayment plan for the recovery of the overpayment.

What happens if an agreement is not reached to recover overpayment?

If no agreement can be reached within 4 weeks then the overpayment will be entered onto the Debt Management System and you will be issued with an account.

What if I leave NLC and have an outstanding overpayment?

If you have left North Lanarkshire Council then a letter and a debtor’s account will be issued to you and you should contact our Debt Recovery Team (details provided in the letter) with regards to the overpayment and how to repay it.

What should I do if I think I am being overpaid?

If you think that you might be getting overpaid then you should notify your line manager immediately and if they are unable to assist you then contact the ESC – People Helpdesk on 01698 403151 as a matter of urgency.

Updated on 21st August 2019

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