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Payslips & P60s

It is important you understand what you are getting paid and that you check your payslip regularly to ensure you are getting paid correctly.

P60’s are issued to all employees, who are in employment with NLC, on the last day of the tax year (5 April). Employees must have their P60’s by 31 May of the same year.

P60’s are only issued for those that have been in employment for the full tax year – should you leave within this time, you can find the information needed on your final payslip.

Below are some helpful guides to help you understand your payslip and P60.

If you believe you are getting paid incorrectly, please contact the People Helpdesk as soon as possible via People Helpdesk General Enquiry for all users of myNL Portal – for those services not enrolled with the Portal, please contact on 01698 403 151 or email us.

mySelf Payslip Guidance
Version: Sept 2019
Size: 485.14 kb
Date modified: 07-03-2022
Payslip Infographic
Version: 2
Size: 1.04 mb
Date modified: 03-10-2019
Version: October 2019
Size: 116.09 kb
Date modified: 17-10-2019
NLC Payslip Example - V1
Size: 137.30 kb
Date modified: 26-04-2019
Updated on 18th April 2024

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