Redeployment for CLNL

How we will assist you when in a redeployment situation.

The Redeployment policy aims to assist employees who are in a redeployment situation. Through this policy, we will, as far as is reasonably practicable, retain employees in employment by seeking suitable alternative employment.

The circumstances in which it may be considered include:

  • redundancy
  • incapability due to ill-heath
  • job sharing
  • poor work performance

Further information is available below.

NLL Redeployment Policy
Size: 90.19 kb
Date modified: 23-02-2021
CNL Redeployment Policy transferred from NLC April 2013
Size: 38.00 kb
Date modified: 25-02-2021
CNL Redeployment Guidance Note transferred from NLC April 2013
Size: 108.03 kb
Date modified: 25-02-2021
Updated on 24th February 2021

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