Recruitment for CLNL

Recruitment and selection plays a fundamental role in the operation and development of the Council’s activities. The ability of the Council to adapt to changing demands is dependent on the recruitment of employees who are flexible and committed.

It is essential that the Council complies with employment and equality legislation and applies a sound professional, consistent and transparent approach throughout the recruitment process.

The Council gives the commitment that all employees or job applicants will be assessed only according to their capability to carry out a given job, based on justifiable, objective criteria which are clearly related to the duties of the job.

It is recognised that the recruitment process is a high profile interface with the general public and, therefore, the Council should strive to project a positive image by displaying the highest level of standards, conduct and professionalism.

Further information is available below.


CLNL is committed to working with volunteers and welcomes and values the contribution volunteers can make. Further information is available in the policies below.

Secondary Employment

NLL recognises that in some instances employees wish to undertake other employment, whether paid or unpaid, with another employer. It is acceptable for employees to have second jobs providing there is:

  • no conflict of interest with NLL Ltd and
  • no impact on their employment in terms of performance and/or attendance within the Trust.

Secondary employment is any additional employment an employee undertakes for another employer or work undertaken as a self employed person. Further information is available in the guidance below.

CNL Volunteer Policy
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Date modified: 23-02-2021
NLL Recruitment Policy Update July 2015
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Date modified: 23-02-2021
NLL Volunteer Policy 2017
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Date modified: 23-02-2021
NLL Secondary Employment (Employee Guidance)
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Date modified: 23-02-2021
Updated on 24th February 2021

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