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Understanding the Selection Process

North Lanarkshire Council uses a variety of selection methods depending on the role you have applied for. These can include:


Interviews can be held over the telephone, over Skype or face to face. There may be more than one stage of interview held, dependent on the job.

This is your opportunity to promote your knowledge and ability by answering questions relating to the role.

You may also be asked to give a presentation to further support your application.

To prepare for the interview, review the job description and employee specification. You may also want to consider additional research which can include contacting a named person for further insight into the role.

You will need to bring proof of your eligibility to work in the UK to the interview. This should be either a current British passport OR a document with your name and National Insurance number AND your birth certificate (original documents only). If documents have different names, you must provide proof of the reason for the change of name e.g. marriage certificate.

You should also bring your original professional and other qualifications, which you have referred to in support of your application.

Assessment Centre

For high volume recruitment or highly specialist roles, there may be an assessment centre undertaken as part of the selection process

This involves scenario testing based on the type of work situations you may encounter. An assessment centre may incorporate tests or interviews to see how you apply your knowledge and skills. It also often includes an opportunity to meet with those already in the role or managers of the service.

Work Related Task or Test

This will usually relate to a task that you would be required to undertake as part of the role you are applying for. It allows you to demonstrate your skill or ability in that particular area.


Please see here for further details in Easy Read format.

Updated on 29th June 2021

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