Incident reporting

Guidance and information in relation to incident reporting, including how to report an incident.

There is an obligation on the council to comply with the Reporting of Injuries, Disease and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013. To help achieve compliance the Council Incident Reporting and Information System (CIRIS) is available to all workplaces.

Accidents, near misses, dangerous occurrences and certain occupational diseases all require formal reporting and to this end the established procedures outlined in AS7 – Incident Reporting are to be followed for all health and safety related incidents.

The reporting and subsequent analysis of our work related incidents is an important aspect of our ongoing efforts to reduce injury and loss to people and the organisation as a whole.

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Other useful information:

HSF1 - Incident report form
Size: 126.19 kb
Date modified: 13-12-2022
HSF2-Violent-Incident-Report-Form (2)
Size: 52.40 kb
Date modified: 04-03-2024
HSF3 - Violence Investigation Form - Managers
Size: 13.67 kb
Date modified: 05-07-2019
HSF 62 - Incident Investigation Form
Size: 25.50 kb
Date modified: 21-10-2019
Riddor In Schools
Size: 176.33 kb
Date modified: 13-02-2020
MS7 - Incident Reporting
Size: 70.69 kb
Date modified: 05-07-2019
Updated on 1st March 2023

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