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Payment Information for Temporary Teachers

Temporay Supply Teachers – 1 year fixed term contract (payrun 0410MO)

For teachers who were appointed to a 1 year, fixed term temporary contract from the start of the 2020/21 session, following discussion with the Joint Teacher Trade Unions, arrangements have been made to allow an automatic payment each month in order to remove the requirement for both you and your Head Teacher to submit monthly returns via the Temporary Teacher Payment system.  To facilitate this, we are required to move you to a different payrun which involves a transfer from payrun 0411MO to payrun 0410MO.

Pay schedule

First pay date: Friday 11th September 2020 (as scheduled).

As this pay date is outwith the 0410MO pay date cycle, this will be treated as an advance payment using the Faster Payment mechanism.

  • As your first pay will be paid as an advance via the “Faster Payment” process, the payment will be calculated as a “net” value, and will be further captured and adjusted during the “second pay” cycle on 24th September 2020 to take account of contributions such as Tax, NI etc.
  • On your “second pay”, scheduled for 24th September 2020, you will be paid for 1 Sept to 30th Sept, and you will also see the above mentioned adjustments on your payslip.
  • You will receive payment at the rate of 1/12th of the annual salary for the remainder of the year up to and including 31 July 2021.
  • The final payment for August 2021 will be paid at 50% of 1/12th of the annual salary (part month payment), as per normal process, therefore concluding a 1 year, 12 month pay cycle.  Notably, there will be no financial detriment.

Period covered: 11th to 31st August 2020 (representing payment for the month of August).

This is In line with SNCT Pay and Leave Specifications which outlines the requirement for the part month payment, as per normal process.

Pay dates for 0410MO for the remainder of the financial year (April 2021 onwards will be provided at a later date):

  • 29th October 2020
  • 26th November 2020
  • 17th December 2020
  • 28th January 2021
  • 25th February 2021
  • 25th March 2021

Temporary Supply Teachers (payrun 0411MO)

Pay Schedule

Temporary teachers are paid on the 2nd Friday of every month in arrears. For example:

Pay Date: Friday 11th September 2020

Period covered: Tuesday 11th August – Friday 28th August 2020                                                                                 

Payment dates for 0411MO, for the rest of this financial year are as follows:

  • 11th September 2020
  • 9th October 2020
  • 13th November 2020
  • 11 December 2020
  • 8th January 2021
  • 12th February 2021
  • 12th March 2021

Pay Amounts

Payments will fluctuate each month due to the number of work days (Including In-Service Days) available which are listed below:

Month Work Days Available Payment due
August 14 11th September 2020
September 19 9th October 2020
October 19 13th November 2020
November 20 11 December 2020
December 15 8th January 2021
January 20 12th February 2021
February 18 12th March 2021
March 20 9TH April 2021

Temporary Teachers will be paid on the basis of 1/235th (195 teaching days plus 40 days holiday). 

Daily rates

This will be paid for each day worked, pro rata for each part day worked.  This holiday pay will be accrued and paid to staff each pay period and will be displayed on payslips as follows:

The example below is a Temporary Teacher who has worked 10 days:

e.g.  10 days x daily rate £171.09          = £1710.90           Days Pay
£1710.90 x 0.2051                             =£350.91              Accrued Holiday Pay

The example above is based on a teacher at the top point of the salary scale therefore teachers’ rates depend on what point in the salary scale you are placed on. 

Daily rate is calculated as follows:

Annual Salary/235 days = Daily Rate

Holidays and Sickness Absence

You will be paid for all holidays in line with your term time arrangement. The element for holiday will be calculated separately on the basis of accrued leave as:

 1/195 x 40 days = 0.2051

This means 20.51% added onto your monthly pay.

If you are absent due to sickness, your Head Teacher will enter these details into myTeam to indicate this and the days absent should be claimed as Sickness on Seemis, this will ensure you will be paid accordingly. 

Your sickness entitlement will be dependent on your service and is noted below:

When your absence has ended and you have returned to work you should enter the end date of the absence on mySelf.

MySelf and Contract Information

As you are deemed as a temporary teacher, your contracted hours are noted as zero hours on mySelf. This does not mean you are on a zero hours contract and you will be paid the hours noted on your contract of employment. This is simply a system notification linked to your pay schedule.

Do I need to submit hours?

No, these are done at school level for the full year and your Head Teacher will submit to Payroll and Pensions on a monthly basis, confirming the days you have worked.

Viewing your payslip

You can view your payslip via your mySelf account. Click on the ‘Show my latest payslip’ button on the right hand menu to be taken straight there. Or alternatively go to the Pay and Benefits tab at the top to access your most recent and previous payslips.

You can also receive your payslip is via email.  Guidance on how to set this functionality up is available here. You will then be automatically notified by email when your payslip becomes available to you.

If you require any further help or assistance please contact:

ESC People Helpdesk
Tel No: 01698 403151
Email: ESC – Help desk Team

Updated on 8th September 2020

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