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Employment and Policy Team

The Employment and Policy Team are HR Specialists working in Centres of Expertise providing up-to-date insight on HR issues.

We have a team of Employment and Policy Advisers who support the services and if you have any queries you can raise a case via myNL Portal under Employment & Policy General Enquiries for all enrolled service. For those not enrolled with myNL Portal, please email us at employmentpolicyteam@northlan.gov.uk

Some of our specialist areas are detailed below:

  • Develop and deliver specialist/expert employee relations guidance and support
  • Promoting, facilitating and maintaining constructive relationships with key stakeholders including trade unions (single status and teaching)
  • Understanding and communicating legislative, employment policy and ensuring effective implementation
  • Developing effective People/HR policies to support a culture where people can be at their best

The Employment and Policy Team also support services in a range of issues including:

  • Conduct or performance problems
  • Grievances
  • Absence issues
  • Dignity at Work complaints
  • Redundancy and redeployment
  • Occupational Health & Employee Assistance
  • Job evaluation/Re-evaluation
  • HR Policy & Procedures
  • Health & Safety

Key contacts within the team are:

  • Senior Employee Relations Adviser: Linda Cullen
  • Employee Relations Officers: Lindsay Millar, Lynn McKenzie, Michelle McGuinness, Tracy Simpson
  • Senior Job Analyst: Lyn Hughes
  • Employee Relations Advisers: Debbie Burns, Debbie Docherty, Angela Smith, Angela Wyna, Helen Wilson, Omair Ajaz, Maureen Kippen, Emma Jones, Brenda Moir, Marie-Therese Sweeney, Laura Armstrong, Rebecca Reid
  • Job Analysts: Mari-Clare Martin, Kirsty Duerden

Updated on 18th April 2024

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