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Safety & Wellbeing Team

The Safety & Wellbeing teams remit is to provide professional safety advice and support across the Council as well as leading the wellbeing programme for employees. We also provide in house training for a variety of safety courses.

Previously the Council had a corporate safety team and service based teams.  Following a recent restructure there is now one centralised Safety & Wellbeing Team who provide help and advice across the full Council.  The team have been allocated to specific Services but can provide advice and assistance to any service who requires it.

The Safety & Wellbeing Manager is Fiona Duddy Tel: 07534-288-124

The split of team resources is as follows:

Chief Executives/Enterprise & Communities

  • Senior Safety & Wellbeing Advisor: Allison Bell Tel: 07939-284-687
  • Safety & Wellbeing Advisors: Steven Brooks Tel: 07793-599-040, Paul Docherty Tel: 07793-599-061, Sandra Rose Tel:07939-280-553 and Trish Taylor Tel: 07939-280-222
  • Safety & Wellbeing Assistants: Rebecca Murphy Tel: 07583-063-513 and John Livingstone Tel: 07583-065-298.
  • Admin Support: Michelle Smith

Health & Social Care, Education & Families, NL Properties, Culture NL

  • Senior Safety & Wellbeing Advisor: David Glassford Tel: 07939-284-730
  • Safety & Wellbeing Advisors: Paul Richmond Tel: 07940-462-519, Lorraine Donnelly Tel: 07939-281-158, Neil Hamilton Tel: 07583-022-803 and Hazel Lovatt Tel: 07583-058-686
  • Safety & Wellbeing Assistants: Mick O’Neil Tel: 07793-599-219 and Scott Kirkland Tel: 07583-022-967.
  • Admin support: Michelle Smith

For any queries we have a duty officer who can be contacted via email at healthandsafety@northlan.gov.uk

Updated on 9th July 2020

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