OD Team


Who are we? 

We are the Organisational Development (OD) Partner team.  

We aim to provide an OD service that will equip our managers and leaders with strategies, tools and solutions that will support them in achieving the Council’s objectives.

Our approach focuses on developing our organisational culture and behaviours, building employee engagement, developing future leaders, improving team performance and working alongside other People Resources teams to enable change. 

Our team members are:

  • Dawn Arnott
  • Emma Cunningham
  • Liam Charles
  • Susan Robertson

What do we do? 

We provide OD services to managers and leaders from within the following five key themes. 

Theme Description 
We will work to develop an agile, flexible and collaborative culture across the Council by embedding our shared values and behaviours.  
Engagement We will work to build a happier, healthier and more motivated workforce who are committed to achieving the Council’s ambition through increased employee voice and engagement.
Leadership We will nurture and develop our internal leadership talent, succession plan for business-critical roles, and help build a pool of leaders who can deliver the Council’s future organisational objectives.
Team Development We will work with teams to strengthen relationships, instill the Council’s shared values and behaviours, foster team cohesiveness and build on the skills required to support the One Service programme of work and One Workforce Plan.
Enabling Change By fulfilling each of the OD themes identified, we will work with other teams to enable individual, team and organisational change.

How to request OD support

To request OD support, please complete this form. If you have any additional queries please contact odpartner@northlan.gov.uk.

Updated on 5th December 2023

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