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Mileage – Expenses Claims FAQ

Here you’ll find answers to some of the common questions asked about mileage and expenses claims.

Visit the Mileage & Overtime page for more information on this subject.

I didn’t receive payment for my Mileage Claim in my pay?

If you process your mileage claim via mySelf, check within mySelf the date this was authorised by your manager against the deadline for your pay, which is available within the Service Payrun Schedules. If authorised in time for the deadline, contact the People Helpdesk for further investigation.

If not processed via mySelf, check that your manager has authised your overtime and submitted it for processing via iTrent by the deadline for your pay. If authorised and processed in time for the deadline, contact the People Helpdesk on 01698 403151 or alternatively email them at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk, for further investigation.

Can you check to see if you’ve received my Mileage Claim?

If you have not been paid and your claim was autorised/submitted in time for the pay deadline (see Service Payrun Schedules), please contact the People Helpdesk on 01698 403151 or alternatively email them at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk, for assistance.

Why have you returned my Mileage Claim?

Your claim will have been returned due to being wrongly completed. Details will be attached to your claim.

I’ve lost my receipts for my Mileage Claim, what can I do to make a claim?

Employee must provide replacement fuel receipts or memo from Head of Service authorising payment without receipts.

Can you tell me the date that I last made a claim for Mileage?

This information is not available. All that is available is the date your claim was processed.

Can I claim mileage if I use my Bicycle?

Yes, just select type as being ‘cycle’.

How do I claim excess travel?

These should be completed on the Excess Travel Claim Form, submitted to your manager for authorising and forwarded to the Employee Service Centre for processing.

Please note passenger miles cannot be claimed on an excess travel claim form.

Claims can be made for whatever mode of transport the employee has used to get to work (the circular does not stipulate that this requires to be the cheapest method).

What are the current rates for subsistence allowance?

Subsistence rates for non-teaching employees are only paid for work/training outwith your normal working hours and the rates are as follows:

– Breakfast £4.48
– Lunch £6.17
– Tea £2.43
– Evening Meal £7.64

Please note when submitting a claim for the above, this should be claimed under Subsistence Non Taxable providing they have receipts. If no receipts, this should be claimed under Subsistence Taxable.

I’ve not received any Designated User Allowance this year?

Check with Service if annual mileage limits have been met.
(Must have claimed 2000miles from previous year. Processed around June every year).

The current allowance is:

– Fortnightly paid employees = £11.51
– Four weekly paid employees = £23.02

Who processes mileage claims for Culture NL?

HR Operations team 2.

Please note, queries on deletion of absences, mileage union duties, council tax & jury citations etc, should also be directed to HR Operations team 2.

N.B. Overtime or expenses queries should be directed to Margaret Hainey on 01236 632833.

Can I claim back money for using my personal phone to make work calls?

Yes. This is done through the Time & Expenses – Mileage & Subsistence Claim Form on MySelf.

When submitting the claim you will need to attach the bill as a receipt and highlight on your phone bill how much the call cost for audit purposes.

Updated on 4th July 2022

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