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Recording your flexi (start / finish) times on mySelf FAQ

Here you’ll find answers to some of the common questions asked about recording your times on mySelf

I have not been recording my start and finishing times since March (home working)?

If you previously used Etarmis to record your start and finishing times but were instructed to stop due to the home working arrangement, mySelf should now be used to record your start and finishing times.

Since home working I have been recording my start and finishing times on a spreadsheet instead of Etarmis, should I be using mySelf time and attendance function?

Yes, this function is now available effective from 5th October 2020.

What will happen to my balance that I currently have sitting on Etarmis/or a spreadsheet?

You should email your balance to your line manager who will upload the balance to your mySelf account. Details of how to do this are in the – Managers Guide – Section 3.

How many hours can I carry forward to the next flexi period?

The amount carried forward is pro rata’d depending on your weekly contractual hours.
37 hour worker = 7.4 hours / 35 hour worker = 7 hours / 17.5 hours = 3.5 hours etc.

I have never used Etarmis as I am not required to record my start and finishing times?

You are not required to use mySelf to record your start and finishing times. If you received the communication from the Process Improvement Team – please make them aware of this to allow the team to update your record.

I have forgot to record my start and finishing times, how can I amend this?
If I use my flexi card to clock in and out at a terminal, will this record to mySelf?


I need an adjustment made on my flexi balance, who can amend this for me?

Your manager will have the access to view and adjust your flexi balance. Section 3 of the manager’s guide .

I am receiving an error message when trying to record my times – ‘No Flexi T&C attached’?

Please contact the Process Improvement Team who will be able to help you.

What devices can I use to log into mySelf?

Any form of smart phone, iPad, laptop or PC. You do not need to use the council network to clock in or out. A personal device can be used by following this direct link to mySelf .

Chatbot app is also now available for download which can instantly clock you in and out. Please click here for Chatbot guidance

I have forgot my password my mySelf, who can reset it?

You can reset your own password using the ‘Forgotten password?’ link at the login page.
If you have locked your account, you will require to contact the People Helpdesk advising that your mySelf account is locked and they will unlock your account for you. People Helpdesk can be contacted on 01698 403151 or alternatively email them at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk.

I forgot to clock out yesterday, and cannot clock in today.

You must go back into your previous recording of when you clocked in, and input the correct date and clocking out time, and then click save. You will then be able to clock in today.

I am unable to book a flexi day off using Other Leave – how do I now do this?

If you wish to use a flexi day or half day you should ‘Book flexi time’ in the same area that you record it.

I have forgot to record my start and finishing times and when I am going trying to update I am receiving the following message ‘The start date cannot be outside the current period’, what does this mean and how can I amend it?

Once you enter into a new flexi period, any previous recordings cannot be created for the previous flexi period. This is why it is important to ensure you are recording your start and finishing times on each current day. To input your missed start and finishing times for the previous flexi period, your manager has the access to input these recording on your behalf.

I am a manager and I need to create a recording for my reportee who has forgotten to record their times within a previous flexi period, how do I do this?

Log into myTeam > search for the employee > select ‘Absence’ > View/Amend Flexi Details > Click on a record at the left hand side > New > Input the details of the missing recording > Save.
You will also use this area to delete or amend a recording.

I am required to clock in and out on business, how do I record this on the new system?

There is no function on the new system for business arrival/depart however, the following process should be followed to record any business bookings:
Example: If the employee was departing for a meeting at 2pm, they would clock out at 14:00pm. When the visit is completed, clock back in at 14:01 and insert in the notes, ‘Meeting from 2pm – 3pm’. This would avoid the need for a manual adjustment to be made by your manager to your flexi balance and a recording can be completed to record your bookings.

Is the carry over balance pro rata’d?

Yes, the carry over balance is pro rata’d the same way it was on Etarmis.

My contracts states I have a paid working break however, an automatic break deduction is being made on my recordings each day?

Please email the Process Improvement Team who will update your record and amend your balance to ensure this doesn’t not continue to be deducted from your balance.

What are the flexi accounting period end dates?

 Flexi Accounting Period End Dates 2023
 24th March 2023
 21st April 2023
 19th May 2023
 16th June 2023
 14th July 2023
 11th August 2023
 8th September 2023
 6th October 2023
 3rd November 2023
 1st December 2023
 29th December 2023


Updated on 25th September 2023

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