Generic Risk Assessments

Generic risk assessments can be found here for managers to use to address some of the hazards being presented during the management of the coronavirus outbreak.

Alternatively existing risk assessments can be utilised and reviewed in order to address the additional hazards that are occurring. If anyone requires assistance in doing this please get in touch with the safety team via the email address

Further generic risk assessments will be added here as required.

Coronavirus generic risk assessment 8 - Cemetery operatives
Size: 245.38 kb
Date modified: 30-03-2020
Coronavirus generic risk assessment 14 - Education Families
Size: 248.40 kb
Date modified: 24-03-2021
Individual Risk Assessment - Higher Risk Employees
Size: 726.87 kb
Date modified: 13-08-2020
Size: 41.69 kb
Date modified: 02-06-2020
Updated on 22nd June 2020

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