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Teachers & Associated Professionals FAQ

Here you’ll find answers to some of the common questions asked by Teachers & Associated Professionals.

Visit the Teachers & Associated Professionals pages for additional information for this staff group.

I'm a Teacher / Supply Teacher, what is my entitlement to occupational sick pay?

Service Full Salary Half Salary
Less than 18 weeks nil nil
18 weeks but less than 1 year 1 month 1 month
1 year but less than 2 years 2 months 2 months
2 years but less than 3 years 4 months 4 months
3 years but less than 5 years 5 months 5 months
5 years or more 6 months 6 months


I'm a Head Teacher and wish to act a teacher up or end an acting up arrangement?

Please complete the Notification of Change (teaching) form and submit it to your HR Business Partner team to authorise and forward to the relevant HR Operations team within the Employee Service Centre.

I'm a teacher and want to change my working hours, how do I apply to do this?

You have a choice of 2 policies –
Job Share: further inforamtion is available from F13 – Job Sharing Scheme for Teachers. If your job share partner leaves you will be offered the full time post.

Smarter Working for Teachers: complete the application form and submit to your Head Teacher for authorisation. This is a permanent change and if you are looking to return to full time at a later date you would need to apply for any vacant posts that are advertised. A pilot period can be agreed by the Head Teacher for a maximum of 6 months.

I'm a Head Teacher and I no longer require a temporary teacher, who do I contact?

Please contact the HR Business Partner team for your service.

I've just started work as a temporary teacher, how do I get paid?

The school will process a temporary teachers return (known as a PYOL23) on the last Friday of the month. You are then paid 2 weeks later on the Friday.

I've just commenced / left employment as a teacher and don't understand my pay calculation?

Guidance on the Teachers Pay Calculation is available here.

I'm a supply teacher and have not been paid or have a problem with pay, who do I contact?

Please contact the People Helpdesk for further assistance on 01698 403151 or alternatively email them at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk.

I'm a teacher and want to know where I will be placed for term starting in August?

Please contact your Head Teacher, who will contact the HR Business Partner Team for your service.

I'm a Head Teacher and want to know who has been assigned to my school for term starting in August (against my cover requirements)?

Please contact the HR Business Partner Team for your service.

I want to apply for Early Retirement (Premature Retirement), what do I need to do?

Please discuss this your Head Teacher/Manager, who will advise you of the process.

Please note that Education and Families require to submit a paper to committee for approval to offer Premature Retiral.

My Head Teacher has just advised me that I am surplus and need to be compulsory transferred for the start of next session, what should I do?

Please contact your HR Business Partner team for further guidance.

I'm currently employed as a Core Supply Teacher when do I get to choose my permanent school?

Once the Service has concluded the Compulsory Transfer exercise you will be provided with a list of all available vacancies.

I'm a supply teacher but don't know how my salary is calculated?

Supply teacher’s are paid a daily rate for every day that they work up to the maximum of 195 days in any school year. They also receive accrued holiday pay for every day that they work and this is paid every month hence the reason that their salary will fluctuate from month to month based on the work days available. See SNCT 31.

I've been working as a short term supply teacher, how many hours and what salary scale point will I get paid?

From 1 January 2018 all supply teachers will be paid 7 hours for a full day and will be paid at their own salary scale point.

The GTC have advised me that I have been allocated North Lanarkshire Council for my Probationary year, when will I find out my school?

GTC will send the names and addresses of the probationers allocated to the Authority for next session in the middle of May. The team in Education and Families will place them into schools and the probationer will find out at their Welcome Meeting (normally the start of June) where they have been allocated. If you have specific schools that you can’t be placed in, please contact the HR Business Partner for your service or Probationer Support Officers.

I'm resigning from / a former employee/teacher of NLC and require confirmation of my service and salary placing?

Contact the People Helpdesk on 01698 403151 or alternatively email them at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk

I'm a teacher who is retiring/has retired from NLC and wish to join the Teaching Supply Register, how do I do this?

You should complete part 1of the form ‘ESS Resigning/Retiring Applying to Join the Supply Register’ and submit this to your current/last Head Teacher, who will complete part 2 and submit this to HR Business Partner team for your service.

I'm a permanent teacher and want to reduce my hours, what will my salary be?

Contact the People Helpdesk on 01698 403151 or alternatively email them at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk

I'm a Teacher working part time and want to know if I'm due any public holidays or days in lieu. How can I calculate this?

You should take the 195 days of the school session and multiple it by the percentage that you are working. This will give you the number of days that you should be in attendance at work. You then need to compare them to your work pattern for the year and if you aren’t working that number of days, you owe the school the balance or if it’s over the total days you are required to work, then the school owe you the difference. This should be discussed with the head teacher at the start of every session.

I'm a Teacher, how do I apply to Job Share?

Teachers have their own job share policy (Standard Circular F13 – Job Sharing Scheme) and application form (JS1 form) which you should complete and submit to your head teacher.

I'm a Teacher, how do I contact my pension provider?

Scottish Public Pensions Agency
7 Tweedside Park
01896 893000


I'm a Teacher and I want to resign, how much notice do I require to give?

Notice periods are as follows:
– Unpromoted teacher – 4 working weeks notice
– Promoted Teacher – 8 weeks notice of which 4 must be working weeks

I'm a finishing probationer Teacher and haven't got work for the start of the session, how does this affect me?

Finishing Probationer Teachers have until the 1 November to secure employment following your probationary year i.e. get offered work from 1 September, therefore your service date for sickness and maternity would be the start date of their probationary year.

I'm a Teacher and I don't know my superannuation number?

This is the same as your GTC number and will start with the year that you qualified.

I'm a Teacher and I've now got my full registration does my salary change?

Yes, you need to send in the confirmation letter that you have obtained your full GTC registration and you will be moved form Pt0 to Pt1 on the salary scale.

I'm a Teacher hoping to return from sickness, am I entitled to a phased return to work?

Teachers can have a phased return for a maximum of 4 weeks. Your line manager should take into consideration the length of the absence and the nature of the illness before agreeing to a phased return. Phased returns should be a gradual increase over the 4 week period.

I'm a Teacher, can I apply for a career break and will I return to the same school?

Teachers can apply for a career break to their Head Teacher minimum 1 year and maximum 5 years. This needs to be authorised by your service as they are responsible for workforce planning. Teachers have the right to return to their substantive post if their career break is up to 2 years, after 2 years they are guaranteed an equivalent post within the Authority.

Can I apply to buy or bank leave if I'm a teacher?


I'm currently employed by the Council and want to join the Supply Teaching list, who do I contact?

Contact the People Helpdesk on 01698 403151 or alternatively email them at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk with your details and they will process your request to the HR Business Partner team aligned to Education & Families.

I'm a teacher, how much Occupational Sick Pay am I entitled to?

Education Staff (7 Day Week)

Less than 18wks 0 days
18wks – 1 year service 35 days full pay + 35 days half pay
1 – 2 years service 63 days full pay + 63 days half pay
2 – 3 years service 126 days full pay + 126 days half pay
3 – 5 years service 154 days full pay + 154 days half pay
5 years + service 182 days full pay + 182 days half pay

An employee’s Occupational Sick Pay (OSP) entitlement is based on a rolling year, so needs to go back a full year from when they went off sick and include any days that they were paid OSP during the rolling year.

I'm currently employed Term Time or working Part Time?

Find out how your Pro Rata’d Working Days are calculated Here.

Updated on 31st May 2023

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